" It started with a record collecting addiction. That developed into an obsession with Bob Dylan, delta blues and bluegrass music.  It even got to the point where I started to write a fictional novel about a struggling musician.  I finally asked myself "why don't I make the life I am living in my head my reality?"


Wade D. Brown grew up in small town rural Kansas and describes having a "dreamers disease" from a very young age.  He quotes Kerouac, Woody Guthrie, and Waldo Emerson for developing his curiosity about being a "life long freedom seeker."  The notion of "self obtained freedom" is the central issue at the heart of Wade D. Brown's music.


With primary influences from pre-war delta and ragtime blues, medicine show music, bluegrass, vaudeville, and country folk, Wade D. Brown's music is a contrast of light and dark themes.  Songs like Home Country Pie and Summer Bliss paint pictures of simple happiness, while songs such as Old Habits and Paper Cups evoke a sense of complex loneliness.  Wade D. Brown says that his goal as a songwriter is to "use music rooted in traditional forms with a poetic lyric to create an original sound that challenges the listener emotionally and conceptually."


Wade D. Brown is currently working on his debut album titled "From A Child" and anticipates its release Summer 2018.