What if Woody Guthrie and Leon Redbone had a family, together, with kids named Tom Waits, JJ Cale, Dave Van Ronk, and Dean Moriarty? If this had happened, Wade D. Brown would have been the weird little neighbor kid that always hung out at their house.


Wade D. Brown grew up in small town rural Kansas and describes having a "dreamers disease" from a very young age.  He quotes Kerouac, Woody Guthrie, and Emerson for developing his curiosity about being a "life long freedom seeker."  The notion of "self obtained freedom" is the central issue at the heart of Wade D. Brown's music.


With primary influences from pre-war delta and ragtime blues, medicine show music, bluegrass, vaudeville, and country folk, Wade D. Brown's unique phrasing and picking style presents the listener with a contrast of light and dark themes.  Songs like Home Country Pie and Summer Bliss paint pictures of simple happiness, while songs such as Old Habits and Paper Cups evoke a sense of complex loneliness.  Wade D. Brown says that his goal as a songwriter is to "use music rooted in traditional forms with a poetic lyric to create an original sound that challenges the listener emotionally and conceptually."


Wade D. Brown is currently working on his 2nd album, "Domesticated Cowboys," coming soon.