Wade D. Brown Press Kit



What would have happened if Woody Guthrie and Leon Redbone had a family with kids named: Tom Waits, JJ Cale, Dave Van Ronk, and Dean Moriarty? If this had happened Wade D. Brown would have been the weird little neighbor kid that always hung out at their house.



" The music of Wade D. Brown recalls both the prewar blues sounds of Skip James and Charley Patton and the more modern voices of Bob Dylan and Tom Waits."

-Bryan V. 

Johnson County Library Listen Local Project



" Wade D. Brown brings a welcome touch to some blues. It's nice to hear a new approach. Keep an eye out for this guy. He is not afraid to forget the formulas and reach for the heart. You'll hear more and more of this artist."

-Svoboda Guitar


 "Each song on From A Child is a stand alone however the album is a bit conceptual in that most songs unintentionally incorporate childhood themes like dogs, trains, toys, pie, and playful banter to address more grownup issues like loneliness, love, and struggle. These varying moods and genre changes present the listener with a glimpse of being inside the mind of a child. Thus giving the album its name."

-Jeff Gulley, The Ottawa Herald